Here they are:

1. No gurantee of bring published.

2. Hard to maintain “writer’s discipline”

3. Hard to keep up with the deadlines, if any

Yeah, it’s not easy being on the way to becoming a real writer. It is not a joke seeing your articles being sent back with the words “please try again”; it is not a joke seeing one’s daily life being hammered down thanks to writing, and it is not a joke to recieve humiliation and indifference at the beginning.

ADVICE: Don’t do this for a job. Yeah, I knew this before, but I wanted some sort of a spice to my life. And do it simply because it’s the the thing that you love, otherwise, you won’t survive it.

This is just the beginning.



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Game over.

Yeah, time to celebrate I suppose. Time to dance!

So here’s another…

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Cellphone Files v. 3.2: (January 1-11, 2013)

January 11:

1. Worst 40 minutes of the entire final exam! Damn it. At least, I have taken out Linguistics from my list of troubles.

2. I hope that I will be able to stay beside my friends both in good and bad times. Otherwise, what’s the point of being a person?

January 10:

1. I’m horrified at myself right now for leaving two books, novelette, and an article unfinished. Damn it.

2. I look far away, and then I looked inside me. Then I saw that I am both a rebel and an artist, which means that I’ll have a very colorful life. The question: What’s next for me?

January 7:

1. It’s amazing how people get inspired by moments of sadness…now I understand why.

2. Time to stop loitering. Time to start thinking hard and fast.

January 1:

1. When the stars fall from the highest heavens, that’s where it all ends.

2. What the hell…guess where the bloody heck I spent the 1st minutes of the year: In a freaking bathroom! Holy sh*t!

3. One glass of ice tea and a couple of choco bars. Ach, what a far cry form the festivities back home.

4. I think every person who wants to go somewhere must lean the art of sying without talking, and the art of talking without saying. That’s real life in a nutshell.

5. The calm before the gathering storm. There’s something on the horizon.

Well, I guess these things seem random to everyone, but believe me, these are the thoughts that go through my mind (and the things that I am able to save in my small, black cell phone).

And obviously, it’s only two exam days left…and then it’s time for the best thing of the year: the holiday!

I’m gonna start planning…

Moving on!


3 Days under Fire

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This is it.

Only three exams left: All three are important, it seems. It doesn’t matter.

Time to get my act together! So despite the fact that I may never just get the Phonetics section right, I feel that I have a great shot at pinning down the rest of the Ling exam tomorrow. Of course, the following day Educational Sciences come up, but it is not as hectic and time-consuming as Linguistics. Then a “rest day” on Sunday (no rest, I have French the next day!)…

And finally, the most “critical” of all my exams come in the form of French. The question is: Will Earl Carlo Guevarra get this one around? Or will he succumb again to the pressure and the “hard grammar” that the language creates? After all, he has got a very low grade in the midterm exam.

Anyways, the best part is what comes after the exam…that’s what they say, but I’m afraid it’s a bit wrong, for it means that I need to complete my 25-page goal before the 18th of January, and I’m afraid I’m really running out of time…I’ve only written a good 7 pages (excluding the abstract, of course), and it seems that I need to step up if I will make this one into a happy ending.

I need these “happy endings” more than ever. For it seems that finally, life and Destiny have catched up with me: I just hope taht they don’t maul me real bad.

Then of course comes the holiday trip, which, in my opinion, is the best part of the first quarter of the year… (I’ve discussed a bit about this in my previous post) I’ll try to get ready for the trip before the 18th, and it seems that I have a clear list of what to bring:

5 t-shirts

3 sweaters

2 polo shirts

Lots of undergarments and socks

1 toothpaste tube (Sensodyne; that’s doctor-prescribed)

1 toothbrush

Grooming stuff

A few books

Well, I guess that’s the tentative list for my trip. It will be a long one, and I hope that it will turn out to be an interesting and fun trip! (I’m also looking forward to the gastronomical delights of the places that I want to go)

So I guess it’s time for dinner. I need to go back quickly to reality!

Hope you enjoy reading!


Holiday Trip: Minus One

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Today is the second day of exams. I know that some of them are hard, but I don’t really care about these exams! What I do really look forward to is the “semestral holiday”, which goes for a full month…and here’s what I plan:

14-18 January: Rest

18-25 January: Trip to Izmir

25-27 January: Another trip…

27 January-2 February: Trip to Gaziantep

2-4 February: Rest…

4-7 February: Trip to Bursa

7-10 February: Trip to somewhere else… (I’m not really sure about doing this one though…it’s all based on the availability of funds!)

11 February: Registration

12-13 February: Rest…

14 February: First day of classes

I’ve just survived 3 semesters here in Turkey. The question: What does it take to survive the full 8 semesters (or the maximum 14)?

Another question is that I’m really curious about my lifestyle this coming semester. Will it still be bohemian? Or will it be a completely different life?

I’m really excited to see everything, and I’m really excited about the holidays!

Life is so nice to me right now.


Don’t get me wrong.

It’s not that I don’t like being a university student, and it’s not that I don’t like challenges. It’s just that they keep on spamming examinations here in Middle East Technical University, and believe me, they are turning this place into a freaking nightmare.

Can’t just they turn the “formal exam” into an activity? (Thanks God that two of our professors have converted theirs into projects)

It seems that people here are forced to think about exams 24/7. What the heck is going on?

I guess people will call this one a rant, but I don’t effing care about it. People know that I tend to treat this “university life” as just yet another adventure. It seems the excitement of being at METU is going off.

I just hope that the FLE Club gets its act together (that is, have a lot more activities). Because if it does, then life might be at least a little bit more bearable here at METU…even with the seemingly never-ending barrage of exams.

Anyways, enough with all this useless talk about exams. It’s just too depressing to talk about them.

Going to other things, some FLE students are doing a boycott right now. That’s very, very good, mainly because the canteen charges too expensively for the products that it sells, and I personally believe that they’re having a crazy monopoly inside the building. I’m saying best of luck, hoping that changes come.

In addition to that, the Hobbit has been out for a while, and I hope to watch it tomorrow! Can’t wait to see the spin-off of the LOTR series. And of course, here’s my old-fashioned balm to my post-exam stress: food, sleep, computer games, and books!

So much for that. Gonna rest before…the midterm!

Have a good day!

PS: I’m supposed to study right now, but I guess my mind just simply hates to cram. Wishing myself lots of luck!

CP Files v2.5

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1. The best things in life are either free or rare.

2. The best place to stay in abroad is home.

3. Water, water nowhere, but lots to drink!

4. Exams…never die. They just fade away.

5. Grades never get erased. They just get off.

6. If you want to change the game, you’ve got to change yourself.

7. Water is greater than energy. In the future, people willl be massacred for it.

8. Being an university student requires the realization that one’s efforts will not be renumerated.

9. The virtual world is just an arm of the real one; not the opposite.


That’s all folks! GGWP!