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Yeah, I’m just a noob blogger. That’s all.

But is there even such a word as a “noob blogger?”

Newbie, maybe.


And oh, school remains the same. Almost nothing has changed, except that I’ve known more people and learnt more about myself.

University seems to be a crazily created routine, and that’s why I’m not a big fan of it. Besides, I’m good as sick…

So as for my sickness, I’ve found out that I was sick with tuberculosis, and that it was not a cause for concern; after all, the sickness was treatable with medicine. However, I spent three weeks at the hospital, and I went through a lot of tests everyday, including a bronchoscopy test designed to get microbiological cultures (and believe me, it was a very crazy experience).

It’s been a very long time since I’ve last written a blog. I think I should start coming back. I know I’ve written poems, short stories, essays, and even articles; yet I’m still to write a novel (or a novelette, or at least an anthology for that matter).

I’m trying to get my rhythm back. This is all I want.

Other than that, I just want a 3 or 3.2 GPA at school, and I guess I’ll be happy with that.

The weather’s cold, even in May, so…good night…and have a good time!


Well, getting rich is one thing. But handling it is another…

I’ve realized that even with all the things in life, sometimes you don’t just feel the peace inside…

I’d rather have a silence that calms the mind than a silence that suffocates your body, heart, and soul…

Also, I’d like to start some serious scribbling and reading soon before university starts again!

I have a lot of thoughts right now, but I can’t turn them into real words. I feel like I’m on the verge of something…

Well, I guess I gonna have to go back to my life!


Monday always means the start of work, the start of school, or the start of something new. I love Mondays because they give me an initiative boost to enable me to outlast the week’s challenges and problems; after all, who doesn’t want energy drinks?

As of the moment, I’m on holiday, but things will be tough one month before classes start (i.e. the middle of August); registrations here,  preparations there, reviews on one side, advance studies on the other, and I feel like I’m being forced to snuck into one corner…

And there’s this make-up exam thing, of course. Normally, I would retake the subjects that I failed last year in the coming semester, but it seemed that YOK* gave me (and thousands of students) a chance to be able to pass them all with one exam!

But the thing is, I’ve got mixed feelings about it. Anyways, I don’t want to have stress; I’d rather enjoy the holiday season (even as my friends back in the Philippines go on their 2nd or 3rd year!)

Well, that’s life. Everyone needs a challenge or a problem to solve. After all, why in the world we are here?

*YOK: Turkish Higher Education Institute


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It’s just another afternoon at someone’s house…

Just another day spent reading books, surfing the Net, and writing a lot of lines that don’t make any sense.

Well, sense doesn’t matter much to me anymore. Seriously, what is common sense anyway?

Common sense is not said to be common, so why bother with it? And even though people can’t really repair themselves, they take their time turning other people’s lives into…well, I’m not gonna say that word…

Because it’s Ramadan. Well, I’m not a super imba guy; I’m just another person living in the edge, but if there’s a time that I could do something, this is it.

Maybe I can do something for a change. Even if people don’t like it.

I’d love a simple life, but I’m afraid that the events that happen around me don’t allow me to enjoy that kind of life.

Well…I guess that’s it!

Summer Days

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FilCon Summer 2012

Finally, after 10 months of breaking heads and writing notes, I enjoy the hot sunny weather! It’s a very nice time to be with friends…

My friends from Antep are here (ostensibly) for the Independence Day celebration here in Ankara, however, it turns out to be a mini-gaming festival as we play PES 2012, COD4, DOTA, Quake 3, and many other games for the last 7 days or so!

We eat good food and drink, we go to METU, Hamamonu, 50.Yil Park, etc. and we stay up overnight for days…

Even though we have some problems, it’s still a very exhilarating experience…

Study Trolls

Enough of studying. I’ve had enough of it for the last 10 months or so!

I’m happy that I’m doing enough for my 1st year in university. I do hope that I can keep it up!

I’ll go one day again to Cati Cafe or to Sunshine to eat (good food and drink)!

Games and Whatnot

I’ve been doing replaycasts for MT for the last 3 or 4 months, and it really helped me improve my game (and refresh my English)!

Minitroopers is a very nice game along with Die2Nite. As for MyBrute, well, it simply…sucks.

COD4 is a very good game even though it’s pretty old, and I can say the same for Starcraft 1 (even though I played only 1 ladder match of it!)

I should control my gaming habits once school starts though. Otherwise… 😀

Where should I go? What should I buy?

I wonder where should I go this summer (besides Istanbul). Izmir? Antalya?

It’s pretty hot here in Ankara (even though Istanbul and the eastern cities beat us by a bit…

And oh, I need some clothes by the way! I can’t go with long-sleeved shirts forever!

Final words…

I’m happy to be here. And I’m happy that my family is safe, sound, and good…even though we miss each other!

Blogs are no place for shoutouts…so goodbye!


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