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Let’s Get This!

Posted: October 20, 2012 in Features

Everyone’s going to their homes for the Bayram holiday (Bayram also means “holiday” in Turkish, so I guess I’m a little bit redundant here), and as for me, I’m gonna have a long, cold picnic in the Black Sea with my friends. The question: Why not spend it in Europe or your own country?


First: I have no money to start with! Grrr.

Second: Europe’s better in a small group. I’m serious about this.

Third: Oh yeah. I’m just too lazy.


First: I have no freaking money!!! Price rates range from 300-1200 Euro, excluding the pocket money and other expenses. ‘Nuff said.

Second: One week is not enough for me.

Third: Oh yeah. Why go back? Lazy boy.

Then, everyone just likes the greenery of Rize, so I guess Black Sea wins. 200 Euro, 10 days? Feels great!

Oops. I’m writing like crazy today. Maybe I’m just being too excited.


Discovered an old game, Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth 2. Turks love it a lot, and I got hooked a bit too! It’s a pretty nice game, played best with 1v1, 2v2 or 4v4 (Too bad for 4v4 matches; only one map exists: Mordor).

Then as usual, continuing to read my Science Fiction collection…Great book, great read! Secured the large text for 20 Liras at Dost Bookstore.

And as usual, playing MW3…Not owning yet, thanks to cheaters, aimbots, and wallhackers. Even AWOG servers have them!

I have to agree when people say that Call of Duty 4 was the best game in the COD series for both singleplayer and multiplayer. Punkbuster rocks a lot (and one can always turn it off)!

I’m simply having a great time right now. No need to worry about the past or the future!

So, have a happy Bayram holiday! Take care guys! GO!!!


Cellphone Files v1.5

Posted: September 3, 2012 in Features

This is the second portion of the “Cellphone Files” series. Well, here they are!

1. Evil is a human concept; good never was. Well, I think I don’t need to say that goodness comes from a different source!

2. If you want to learn something, fine. But if you know that the results will not be good, then don’t use it! Just learn it (so that one can be protected from it)!

3. (FROM Turkish): A man has 1 soul, while a woman has 7 souls. So don’t mess with them!

4. (FROM FB): If you want to kill the troll, feed it as much as possible. Then once he/she is unable to move, take off his/her head!

5. There are many ways to express things that are found in different paths. Which should be translated into: DON’T BE NARROW-MINDED!

Version 2.0 is coming up before classes starts…

Until then, I’m gonna continue writing different sorts of things (and read lots of books), so let’s get it on!

Break the prejudice barrier!


Philippines has just been saved from a freaking “ocho-ocho” nightmare. And Invictus Gaming has just won the 1 million dollar prize in the International Dota 2 tourney!

Can’t wait to see their documentary…and can’t wait to see more of Turkey in the coming days!

So…see you!

Cellphone Files v 1.0

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Features

It’s a very hot afternoon here in Denizli, and I’ve gone with my friends to many places over the last 5 days or so. However, I don’t plan to write about it just yet, for I haven’t finished my vacation yet…

So here are some of the things that I’ve saved on my cellular; they’re mostly words that hit my mind pretty well…

1. Maybe it’s time to do something concrete. God has given the best life and the best deals to me, and it’s clear that I must do a thing or two. Otherwise, I won’t be able to face my reckoning in the next life!

2. After reading an article on Zaman daily about trolls…well, I guess I have to be more careful! TROLOLOLOL! Usually, people are being trolled by others who try to…well…not gonna say it!

3. It is not a person’s appearance or status that matters, it is the subtle differences and moves that define exactly who we are!

4. Sometimes, I’m thinking of getting myself a pair of strong wings so that I can fly away and have some peace of mind. Oh yeah, as if that’s gonna happen soon.

5. One of the hardest things to do in this age is to explain something to people. Geez, well, someone has to do the job, right?

6. The steps on a minaret represent a person’s spiritual enlightenment…never thought of that. Sufi tradition, perhaps?

7. If you want to play something, don’t play it small…PLAY IT BIG, man!

That last thing has pretty much woke me up. As usual, I’m pretty  much absent-minded (which is, by the way, one of the things my family hates), and well…let’s just say I have problems with interpreting things.

Thank God I’m a student. Otherwise, who knows what may happen to me (and to those around me?)

Ok then, see you guys after a while! Enjoy your vacation! Bye!

I don’t know how to start this post, but as far as i know, i’ve been blogging for around six months already, though as of the moment, i’ve got only 57 comments, 37 posts, and 537 views. I do know very well that thousands of other blogs out there don’t get noticed too, so the question is:

Why do i still keep a blog?

For me, there is no quick answer to this question. As far as i know, it all began in Facebook, where i used to post lengthy articles and features in the so-called “Notes” section. After recieving a lot of positive (and honest) reviews, comments, and “likes”, one of my teachers (and i still admire her very much up to this day) suggested:

Why don’t you start a blog?

— It’s too hard to start one, Maam.

— Well, just give it a try.

— Ok then, Maam.

And after that conversation, my blogging days started. I tried first Blogspot, but it was too simple for my taste. Afterwards, i gave Tumblr a try, but it was too colorful for me. And finally, i came here to WordPress (my Turkish Language teacher suggested it to me), and since then, i’ve been blogging on this site for half a year.

Originally, i just wanted to have a personal blog (in which i could put all those kinds of stories that i want to put). But soon, i’ve realized that i wanted to explore more and interact more with the blogging world and on the other hand, that i should put a limit on what i share and write. So i started to use tags, links, and the like; at the same time, i went to several blogs that i found interesting; and at the end of the day, i liked some posts, commented on them, and well…that’s how bloggers interact, isn’t it?

In this blogging journey of mine, i’ve realized many things. You can share anything you like: whether it’s an essay, a feature, a poem, a picture, but one should realize that as far as any blog is concerned:


And to remind ourselves of another fact, here’s a quote from Heather Armstrong:

Be aware that anyone and everyone can read your words.The last person you would ever want reading your website will eventually find and read your website. Write knowing this beforehand.

Keeping these facts in mind, i hereby end this post! Happy reading everyone!!!


If you stay in houses, well, watch out for BAHÇELIEVLER! This county is one of the best places to stay here in Istanbul…And for the best dormitory, i would suggest the Özel Zaman dormitory in Mahmutpaşa. This place is just a couple of minutes from Istanbul’s most famous tourist traps!

For transportation, you would like to have an “AKBIL” (it is practically a small circular metal device that has a microchip inside; also known as “Smart Tıcket”), so that you will not have to pay too much for going from one place to another! Unless you can have a “student electronic card” (you pay lesser than an AKBIL does) or the orange “state scholar/foreigner card” (you don’t have to pay anything!!!) , the AKBIL is the best choice.

For those who are curious, here’s how an AKBIL looks like:

AKBIL, Tram car, and bus.

Now back to the experiences part:

AYRAN pati YOGURT! Wow!!! Masarap! Always nasa hapagkainan…(especially kapag Çig Kofte na yung kasama!!!)

GRAPES kapag summer time (especially yung seedless, ubos ung dalawang kilo sa loob ng isang kainan lang!!!)

KURU FASULYE, TAZE FASULYE, FINDIK, FİSTİK, BADEM, atbp… Masarap silang lahat! Yung first two masarap para sa dinner, habang yung others ok na ok pang snack!!!

Kapag may activity naman, isang buong araw ang nauubos para lang matapos (kahit pwede naman yun gawin sa loob ng ilang oras!!)

Başakşehir, Kuyumcukent, İkitelli, İSTOÇ; puro industrial zone lahat! Andoon na ang mga gustu-gusto nating mga games, gadgets, teddy bears, flowers, jewelry, kotse, at marami pang iba!!!

Almost every month, may pa-promo (Hal.: Para sa isang buwan, kapag sino ang pinakamaraming nakabasa, may surprise na regalo na ibibigay! Usually, para sa guys, gadgets or ibang packages aang ibibigays…Ewan ko lang para sa mga ladies… Ask the experts!!)

Ang akala ni Khaleel, isang klase ng pagkain ang “buyrun”… 😀 (Plus, almost lahat ng mga students d2 ay nawala na once or twice!!!)

Every Ramadan pati Kurban Bayram, punta d2, punta doon, stay dito, stay doon, kain dito, kain doon…Halos lahat ng sweets, eh niluluto sa mga holidays na eto!

O yan. Tapos na. Cgurado naman na marami akong nakalimutan eh…Kayo na ang bahala!!!

Eto yung mga experiences ko dito:

KAHIT SAAN, MAY MGA AHAS, mga walang kwenta, mga HYPOKRITO, mga TAMPA-SENSITIVE,  etc. etc.

EVERY SOCCER MATCH, may SIMIT (ung version nila ng pandesal d2), tsaa, Camlıca (version nila ng Sprite), sunflower seeds, atbp.

Tapos, kailangan full gear ka talaga, de jersey, de “team scarf” atbp… (kapag nanonood ng match….)

KAPAG sa DORM naman, full blast yung pangalan sa sound system… tapos may “bang-bass”, kantahan, sigawan, atbp…

SA klase, puro “evet” at “tamam” ung maririrnig mo galing sa mga “low-level Turkish speakers”…

Paramihan d2 magbasa…Normal sa loob ng one week ang 200-300 pages…May mga tao pa nga na nagbabasa ng 350-400 per day! (Hindi ko kaya yun!!!)

Tapos, potato omelet ung breakfast almost everyday…Wikileaks d2, Balyoz doon…Marami rin pala scandal d2!!!

Kahit saan, may demonyo talaga…

Tapos, almost every week, kailangan pumunta ng PASIAD office, gastos na naman, gastos, gastos! PASAHE d2 per ride is 60 pesos!!!

Internet sa school, sa bus, sa…bahay…wow! Grabe ang buhay!

Five hours daw kailangan para mag study…oz…parang d tama ang estimate eh (may kaibigan ako, 9 am to 12 midnight nagstustudy, tapos extend up to 4 am!!!)

Punta sa SNOWPARK…may photo pa kame…

Kame tatlo... 😀


Eto naman ung sa Lunapark:

Tatlo na naman kame...Bakit kaya?


Marami pang ibang experiences akong naranasan d2…More to come!

Since i first came here in Istanbul, i have been eagerly looking forward to see two things: snow and university life.

I want to see snow for the following reasons:

Snow...Think of its magic...


1. I haven’t seen snow in the first 16 years of my life; since i’m here already, i should take the chance to do so!

2. I want to see what kind of magic does it bring…

3. I want to play snowballs, throw them at my friends, and watch them clothed in white!!!

4. I want to make a snow man (Childish, isn’t it?)

5. I want to see a white winter!

ON the other hand, i want to see university life, because:

NOTE: This is Bosphorus Univ., ok?


1. You’ll meet many friends…

2. You can choose your classes, (and if you’re lucky enough, even get exemptions for some of them!)

3. Sightseeing value: Most universities are located in “dramatic” places, especially those that look old, yet elegeant!

4. In universities, you’ve got to do the best, and be the best! Lots of opportunities for dreamers, cows (the Turkish expletive for “masipag“), and others!!!

5. And last but not the least…Of course, EDUCATION! Who doesn’t want to have a bachelor’s degree? (…from the cradle to the grave…)

Well, these are my reasons. Feel free to blast yours!