So here’s another…

Posted: January 11, 2013 in Journal Entries

Cellphone Files v. 3.2: (January 1-11, 2013)

January 11:

1. Worst 40 minutes of the entire final exam! Damn it. At least, I have taken out Linguistics from my list of troubles.

2. I hope that I will be able to stay beside my friends both in good and bad times. Otherwise, what’s the point of being a person?

January 10:

1. I’m horrified at myself right now for leaving two books, novelette, and an article unfinished. Damn it.

2. I look far away, and then I looked inside me. Then I saw that I am both a rebel and an artist, which means that I’ll have a very colorful life. The question: What’s next for me?

January 7:

1. It’s amazing how people get inspired by moments of sadness…now I understand why.

2. Time to stop loitering. Time to start thinking hard and fast.

January 1:

1. When the stars fall from the highest heavens, that’s where it all ends.

2. What the hell…guess where the bloody heck I spent the 1st minutes of the year: In a freaking bathroom! Holy sh*t!

3. One glass of ice tea and a couple of choco bars. Ach, what a far cry form the festivities back home.

4. I think every person who wants to go somewhere must lean the art of sying without talking, and the art of talking without saying. That’s real life in a nutshell.

5. The calm before the gathering storm. There’s something on the horizon.

Well, I guess these things seem random to everyone, but believe me, these are the thoughts that go through my mind (and the things that I am able to save in my small, black cell phone).

And obviously, it’s only two exam days left…and then it’s time for the best thing of the year: the holiday!

I’m gonna start planning…

Moving on!



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