3 Days under Fire

Posted: January 10, 2013 in Journal Entries

This is it.

Only three exams left: All three are important, it seems. It doesn’t matter.

Time to get my act together! So despite the fact that I may never just get the Phonetics section right, I feel that I have a great shot at pinning down the rest of the Ling exam tomorrow. Of course, the following day Educational Sciences come up, but it is not as hectic and time-consuming as Linguistics. Then a “rest day” on Sunday (no rest, I have French the next day!)…

And finally, the most “critical” of all my exams come in the form of French. The question is: Will Earl Carlo Guevarra get this one around? Or will he succumb again to the pressure and the “hard grammar” that the language creates? After all, he has got a very low grade in the midterm exam.

Anyways, the best part is what comes after the exam…that’s what they say, but I’m afraid it’s a bit wrong, for it means that I need to complete my 25-page goal before the 18th of January, and I’m afraid I’m really running out of time…I’ve only written a good 7 pages (excluding the abstract, of course), and it seems that I need to step up if I will make this one into a happy ending.

I need these “happy endings” more than ever. For it seems that finally, life and Destiny have catched up with me: I just hope taht they don’t maul me real bad.

Then of course comes the holiday trip, which, in my opinion, is the best part of the first quarter of the year… (I’ve discussed a bit about this in my previous post) I’ll try to get ready for the trip before the 18th, and it seems that I have a clear list of what to bring:

5 t-shirts

3 sweaters

2 polo shirts

Lots of undergarments and socks

1 toothpaste tube (Sensodyne; that’s doctor-prescribed)

1 toothbrush

Grooming stuff

A few books

Well, I guess that’s the tentative list for my trip. It will be a long one, and I hope that it will turn out to be an interesting and fun trip! (I’m also looking forward to the gastronomical delights of the places that I want to go)

So I guess it’s time for dinner. I need to go back quickly to reality!

Hope you enjoy reading!



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