Holiday Trip: Minus One

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Journal Entries

Today is the second day of exams. I know that some of them are hard, but I don’t really care about these exams! What I do really look forward to is the “semestral holiday”, which goes for a full month…and here’s what I plan:

14-18 January: Rest

18-25 January: Trip to Izmir

25-27 January: Another trip…

27 January-2 February: Trip to Gaziantep

2-4 February: Rest…

4-7 February: Trip to Bursa

7-10 February: Trip to somewhere else… (I’m not really sure about doing this one though…it’s all based on the availability of funds!)

11 February: Registration

12-13 February: Rest…

14 February: First day of classes

I’ve just survived 3 semesters here in Turkey. The question: What does it take to survive the full 8 semesters (or the maximum 14)?

Another question is that I’m really curious about my lifestyle this coming semester. Will it still be bohemian? Or will it be a completely different life?

I’m really excited to see everything, and I’m really excited about the holidays!

Life is so nice to me right now.



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