METU 89th Republic Run

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Journal Entries

Freak yeah.

It was a dark and gloomy Sunday morning, with clouds covering the sun, and a biting wind that would make the uninitiated freeze. Luckily for me, I wore two layers of clothes in addition to my sweaters, and I prepared for all possible events that might happen.

It all started last Friday when Mucahit, one of my friends, asked me if I want to go to the 89th Republic Run with him. I answered:

“That will be a very nice experience!”

And then, of course, I prepared myself mentally for the race. Obviously, I did not plan to get a place or something; well, I planned only to have the run with my friends!

Going to my friends, we’ve gathered together at Dormitory#2 around 11:30 in the morning, then we went to the “Revolt Stadium” to register. After half an hour later, the call comes:

“Get ready! First, one minute of silence, then the Turkish National Anthem…”

It took 10 minutes, and then…


We were at the middle of the pack. There were some 700-1000 people of ages, I guess, and we started to take our 3.5 kilometer run which covered the following itinerary:

1. Stadium

2. Chancellor’s Building

3. Public Administration

4. Prep Class

5. Technopolis

6. Housing

7. Food Engineering

8. Civil Engineering

9. Stadium

This is just a rough outline, and believe me, even though I said to myself that it was only 3.5 kilometers, it was a damn hard one!

Mucahit was always ahead of us (seems he has a lot of experience), while I followed closely behind until point 8 (look above), where my lungs could not keep up anymore with the tempo! Recep was 50 meters behind us most of the time, and the winds started to get colder…When I saw the stadium itself, that was the only time I could regain my mental strength and get to the finish line!

It was like the longest race of my life. The last time I ran like that was in the Philippines (7 kilometers, 3 years ago), and it was in a warmer climate…

Then we came to the finish line (almost altogether…) and took our shirts, food, and drinks! There was macaroni, cake, and tea all around…not to mention the tea and coffee…

Mucahit ended up 170, while I ended up at 195. Recep ended at 200, which was not bad!

Then, of course, the jokes came, and though we were tired, it was all worth it.

It is the first serious run that I’ve participated in my life. For that, I would like to thank Mucahit for the invitation, Recep for being with us, and myself for surviving my first ever run!

Words can’t express my experience…Believe me, it was really refreshing, liberating, and amazing…

It was one hell of a great race, and if I would be invited to a similar event again, I would gladly say yes!


It is important to train one’s mind mentally and physically before doing a race. That’s some friendly advice!

In a race, don’t run too fast at the beginning. Just keep a low tempo, and when it comes to steep climbs, don’t force yourself. Also when it comes to downward slopes, use your energy more!

Then finally, when it comes to the last leg, that’s the time you give it all!


I guess that’s enough. Back to real life (and back to quizzes and stuff!)

Hope you enjoyed reading!

I can’t believe that I’ve reached above 200th place! I’m patting myself on the back (Just kidding…) I’m thankful that I’ve completed that one!

Have a good day, guys!


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