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Yeah. I’m Dead Bored!

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Journal Entries

So bored to death in our Literature class. I just want to get out, but I can’t, since I have a freaking assignment and quiz to do!!!

Oh my God. As if it wasn’t enough, midterms come in two weeks, and damn it, I could not even find where the hell my syllabi are!

Enough of this one. gotta go to my nightmare! :S


Let’s Get This!

Posted: October 20, 2012 in Features

Everyone’s going to their homes for the Bayram holiday (Bayram also means “holiday” in Turkish, so I guess I’m a little bit redundant here), and as for me, I’m gonna have a long, cold picnic in the Black Sea with my friends. The question: Why not spend it in Europe or your own country?


First: I have no money to start with! Grrr.

Second: Europe’s better in a small group. I’m serious about this.

Third: Oh yeah. I’m just too lazy.


First: I have no freaking money!!! Price rates range from 300-1200 Euro, excluding the pocket money and other expenses. ‘Nuff said.

Second: One week is not enough for me.

Third: Oh yeah. Why go back? Lazy boy.

Then, everyone just likes the greenery of Rize, so I guess Black Sea wins. 200 Euro, 10 days? Feels great!

Oops. I’m writing like crazy today. Maybe I’m just being too excited.


Discovered an old game, Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth 2. Turks love it a lot, and I got hooked a bit too! It’s a pretty nice game, played best with 1v1, 2v2 or 4v4 (Too bad for 4v4 matches; only one map exists: Mordor).

Then as usual, continuing to read my Science Fiction collection…Great book, great read! Secured the large text for 20 Liras at Dost Bookstore.

And as usual, playing MW3…Not owning yet, thanks to cheaters, aimbots, and wallhackers. Even AWOG servers have them!

I have to agree when people say that Call of Duty 4 was the best game in the COD series for both singleplayer and multiplayer. Punkbuster rocks a lot (and one can always turn it off)!

I’m simply having a great time right now. No need to worry about the past or the future!

So, have a happy Bayram holiday! Take care guys! GO!!!

After a long, long time…

Posted: October 16, 2012 in Journal Entries


Oh my God. This year’s gonna be all about the same bloody routine: educational sciences, literature, linguistics, techniques, and whatnot…I’m pretty much sick already of these lessons (and believe me), almost everyone gets a headache from these things.

Thank God that I’m going for the holiday. I guess the green scenery, the excellent tea, and the Black Sea air would help me…

Writing, reading, and playing computer games are the only bloody escapes that I have right now…for the moment. I think that I should save a lot of money and start going to different places before I graduate. After all, when work comes, how in the world will I get permission from my boss to fly away?

I guess that I should start to love traveling and going around. I believe that it would help me to have more ideas, and to be able to synthesize more concepts…In addition, I think about giving English tutorials to interested people; hey, even if one does not earn a lot of money, at least, one earns a lot of experience and perspective, right?

Then, at the same time, I am planning to save a bit of money so that I could augment my sister’s budget for acquiring a laptop for me. She gave her word that I will have it June next year, so I’ve done a bit of thinking and told myself that at least, I’ll get a decent laptop for my 3rd year in college! Everyone knows that it’s gonna be freaking hard with all those research papers, exercises, and take-home exams…Also, it wouldn’t hurt for me to be able to play my favorite games online using the university’s Internet connection, isn’t it?

Thank God for this life. Wishing for more! 😀

So…Happy Feast of Sacrifice then!