First Week of Class

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Journal Entries

I’m not going to proceed with the “Cellphone Files” today. Instead, I will share some of my views on the new school year here at METU. As usual, we’ve got the “traditional” class meeting during the first day, and it’s a very good thing to see old faces…”celebrating life as it is”. In retrospect, when I look at my high school days, I saw how much I’ve changed…and how much I need to change. Maybe the hardest dance in life is to know how to juggle one’s priorities…and how to keep one’s friends…

Then as usual, we’ve got our classes: two main classes, three education classes, one foreign language subject (which I’ve failed horribly last year), and one compulsory Turkish subject (which I hope will be as easy as last year!) I’ve heard a lot of comments saying that this year’s gonna be harder because of the 70% (CC) passing rate, that the teachers are gonna be… (insert word here), but I don’t really give a damn about how hard it is or how many times I fail or what grades do I get during the semester, because at the end of the day, everyone wants only one thing: the diploma. (Of course, it’s nice to have high grades so that one can get Master’s in other universities, but hey, I’m not really in for that postgraduate stuff).

Then as usual, the weather’s getting colder, and it’s gonna be another cacophony of sicknesses for me (God forbid!) this winter. I’m only looking forward to two things: the Bayram holiday and the semestral break, which would of course, allow me to see my friends and go to a lot of other places!

I’m having quite of a migraine right now…but I guess I can handle it…

All for the sake of one thing:

My education.

Then I guess there are other things: games, personal commitments, real-life commitments (hey, didn’t they say that real life only starts after school?) but they’ll all be in the backseat for now. Maybe I’ll try to have a good time during Tuesdays and weekends…

Hey, LoD anyone?

Just kidding. Anyways, gotta go…I need to catch up with my class! See ya!

PS: I’m having increased heartbeat, palpitations, and I get tired easily nowadays. Should I go to the doctor?

PS#2: I’m running out of money. Geez, no matter how much I hate being broke, I guess I have to deal with it all over again this year!


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