Cellphone Files v1.5

Posted: September 3, 2012 in Features

This is the second portion of the “Cellphone Files” series. Well, here they are!

1. Evil is a human concept; good never was. Well, I think I don’t need to say that goodness comes from a different source!

2. If you want to learn something, fine. But if you know that the results will not be good, then don’t use it! Just learn it (so that one can be protected from it)!

3. (FROM Turkish): A man has 1 soul, while a woman has 7 souls. So don’t mess with them!

4. (FROM FB): If you want to kill the troll, feed it as much as possible. Then once he/she is unable to move, take off his/her head!

5. There are many ways to express things that are found in different paths. Which should be translated into: DON’T BE NARROW-MINDED!

Version 2.0 is coming up before classes starts…

Until then, I’m gonna continue writing different sorts of things (and read lots of books), so let’s get it on!

Break the prejudice barrier!


Philippines has just been saved from a freaking “ocho-ocho” nightmare. And Invictus Gaming has just won the 1 million dollar prize in the International Dota 2 tourney!

Can’t wait to see their documentary…and can’t wait to see more of Turkey in the coming days!

So…see you!


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