Posted: July 20, 2012 in Journal Entries, Uncategorized

It’s just another afternoon at someone’s house…

Just another day spent reading books, surfing the Net, and writing a lot of lines that don’t make any sense.

Well, sense doesn’t matter much to me anymore. Seriously, what is common sense anyway?

Common sense is not said to be common, so why bother with it? And even though people can’t really repair themselves, they take their time turning other people’s lives into…well, I’m not gonna say that word…

Because it’s Ramadan. Well, I’m not a super imba guy; I’m just another person living in the edge, but if there’s a time that I could do something, this is it.

Maybe I can do something for a change. Even if people don’t like it.

I’d love a simple life, but I’m afraid that the events that happen around me don’t allow me to enjoy that kind of life.

Well…I guess that’s it!


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