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Finally…Exam’s over?!

Posted: April 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Finally, it’s all over!

Our midterms have finally passed!


I’m not really the kind of person who likes to talk about grades and stuff…however, I could tell you what exactly happened during the exam period and after it…


French: Oh My God. Simple as that. After that exam, I practically went out wild!

Reading and Writing: I’m sure that there will be always good news…

Literature: Hoping that there will be no surprises!

Turkish: Piece of…peanut!

Listening: The good thing about this teacher is that she does not do any midterm exams!

Linguistics: Suprisingly good for a very boring subject. Just wanted to play afterwards!

Grammar: God help everyone. It was just horrible!


French: Oh My God. I’m about to die again!!!

Reading and Writing: Good news! Yeah!

Literature: Don’t know the results yet…hoping for a good one!

Turkish: Teacher does not care about the results. So be it!

Listening: Thank you (?)

Linguistics: Suprisingly good for a very boring subject! Whew!

Grammar: Well, not bad. ‘Nuff said!



Timeout please?

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, I have not been able to write anything for one month, so I guess it’s time to reactivate my creative juices again with a blog post!


I lived in Istanbul for one year, and it was very good to see this beautiful city again. Many things have changed, including the new buses, new buildings…but the old quarters of the city remain the same.

As usual, we went to Eminonu with my friends, drank tea and ate some “fish bread”; we also went to the usual tourist spots…

It was a day to remember.


Too many to mention. Just a recap:

Lingustics: Just like hell.
Reading and Writing: Well, I guess I can do it!
French: Let me see what happens, then I’ll decide…
Literature: Without surprises, I might just be able to pull this one off…
Listening: Thank God she did not do any midterms!!!
Grammar: More like a geography exam.
Turkish: Trust the teacher when he says it’s easy!!!


I was not able to write any story for three months now, and as a result, I am suffering right now from writer’s block. I guess I’ll be able to have my writing senses back after writing a wall of text or two!


After reading about the 8.6-magnitude earthquake that happened in Indonesia, the collapsed bridge in Northern Turkey, and the humanitarian crisis in Syria (it’s actually a massacre), I guess that we are living right now in an age of disasters…and I guess it’s time for us to be involved with humanity!!!