Class Mode!!! Yes, Professor?

Posted: January 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

There was a time when I divided teachers into two types: the “terror” (i.e.bad teacher) and the “angel” (i.e.good teacher).

Those days are gone. When I came to Middle East Tech, I saw a lot of teachers, and each of them had their own different set of attitudes!

I’ll list them as follows:

1. The Human Angel = Well, he or she says that she’s an angel to his/her students. And they prove it! There was a teacher in METU who gave everyone 20 points regardless of performance!

2. The Motivator = Students who attend these classes never get grades lower than a BB; these professors know how to motivate their students well. In addition, they do not stick to the textbook; they always find other sources and ways to supplement their lessons!

3. The Rational Semi-Terrorist = These teachers keep on discourage you and make you feel down. But they don’t do it without a reason. In addition, they don’t hide their appreciation or dislike of students; they always put it center stage. Older instructors usually possess this quality.

4. The Normal Professor = Normal university instructor; sticks to the syllabus, gives students a perk or two. Nuff said.

So these are the types of teachers. Now, let’s get on to the classes:

1. The NOISY class = Usually found in classes where the female population composes 90% of the class. God help Mr./Ms. Professor.

2. The GROUP-ORIENTED class = These people tend to go out in groups; have activities together and whatnot. Usually some of the best classmates to have around; they usually lend a positive aura to the places and classes they go.

3. The NORMAL class = They are a normal mix; somewhat noisy, somewhat fun, somewhat academically competent. Good enough as a class.

4. The VIRUS class = This is a reference to the Indian movie “Three Idiots”, where the class is always studying, studying, and…studying. God forbid that we’ll have these kinds of classes!

These are the kinds that I’ve observed so far. More to come!!!

  1. Amin says:


    But these days I get classes with one or more of these types!
    It’s tough so I did a little project and it seem to help. You can find out more here:

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