Posted: January 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

I wonder why people keep on asking me questions that I am not inclined to answer…I wonder why some people keep considering me as a bad person…I wonder why people keep looking at me with prejudice…I wonder why people keep track of me with antagonistic eyes…

I know that I have committed distateful things before…Didn’t you think that I am being tormented by them day and night? Didn’t you think that I pray every moment to God for redemption? Don’t you think I feel crushed everytime I hear the same words?

I could have just jumped from Taipei 101 and ended it all. But God knows what’s inside and outside of me…But I have promises to fulfill…But I believe there’s a miraculous end to this…

Only God knows who will read this. Only those who truly care will read this. Only those will real solutions will be able to comment on this. Until then….

I’m a fallen man.


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