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This is a holiday

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, one semester has passed. Thank God I survived!

To be honest, it was a pretty hard one. But I really enjoyed being at METU!

Y U No Amphi?

Weird, isn’t it?

Well, it is said that thanks to the former Dean of Education, the school did not bother to build amphitheaters for the faculty.

So much for facilities.


Being a university student is being a juggler: One has to balance his/her social and college life carefully. However, in my opinion, being a college student is fun, even though it has its share of obstacles and surprises!

Social Life

Being new at METU, it took time for me to know my friends. Once I did, all hell broke loose!

I’m happy to have them as classmates and friends. Hope our bonds become much tighter!


In high school, I may have been a good student. In college, I might still be a good student, but I’m getting CCs and even a FF!

It’s okay for me. It’s just the first semester. But I’m very happy during my classes.


I vowed to do something if I ever get a grade of BA or above in Educational Sciences. Well, it’s the time for me to do it!

I’m thankful to God for it.


French is a very good language. Unfortunately, I did not survive it; surviving seemed to be a miracle for me!

New page…

METU meant for me a new page in my life, to be honest. I thank God for giving me the chance to be a part of this institution.

University life>High school life.

Many people would disagree. I accept that. More on that soon.


I think that’s all for now. Most probably, I’ll write more about my thoughts in the future!

To end this one, I’ll share a proverb:



Class Mode!!! Yes, Professor?

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There was a time when I divided teachers into two types: the “terror” (i.e.bad teacher) and the “angel” (i.e.good teacher).

Those days are gone. When I came to Middle East Tech, I saw a lot of teachers, and each of them had their own different set of attitudes!

I’ll list them as follows:

1. The Human Angel = Well, he or she says that she’s an angel to his/her students. And they prove it! There was a teacher in METU who gave everyone 20 points regardless of performance!

2. The Motivator = Students who attend these classes never get grades lower than a BB; these professors know how to motivate their students well. In addition, they do not stick to the textbook; they always find other sources and ways to supplement their lessons!

3. The Rational Semi-Terrorist = These teachers keep on discourage you and make you feel down. But they don’t do it without a reason. In addition, they don’t hide their appreciation or dislike of students; they always put it center stage. Older instructors usually possess this quality.

4. The Normal Professor = Normal university instructor; sticks to the syllabus, gives students a perk or two. Nuff said.

So these are the types of teachers. Now, let’s get on to the classes:

1. The NOISY class = Usually found in classes where the female population composes 90% of the class. God help Mr./Ms. Professor.

2. The GROUP-ORIENTED class = These people tend to go out in groups; have activities together and whatnot. Usually some of the best classmates to have around; they usually lend a positive aura to the places and classes they go.

3. The NORMAL class = They are a normal mix; somewhat noisy, somewhat fun, somewhat academically competent. Good enough as a class.

4. The VIRUS class = This is a reference to the Indian movie “Three Idiots”, where the class is always studying, studying, and…studying. God forbid that we’ll have these kinds of classes!

These are the kinds that I’ve observed so far. More to come!!!


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I wonder why people keep on asking me questions that I am not inclined to answer…I wonder why some people keep considering me as a bad person…I wonder why people keep looking at me with prejudice…I wonder why people keep track of me with antagonistic eyes…

I know that I have committed distateful things before…Didn’t you think that I am being tormented by them day and night? Didn’t you think that I pray every moment to God for redemption? Don’t you think I feel crushed everytime I hear the same words?

I could have just jumped from Taipei 101 and ended it all. But God knows what’s inside and outside of me…But I have promises to fulfill…But I believe there’s a miraculous end to this…

Only God knows who will read this. Only those who truly care will read this. Only those will real solutions will be able to comment on this. Until then….

I’m a fallen man.