Colors of Life

Posted: December 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

I love this color!!!

I miss Istanbul...If you don't notice...

I really like blue because I believe this color is a perfect reminder of what it is to be human. Like the magnificent blue sky that turns into a gloomy shade of gray, life can be sometimes tough on the one hand, and can be really bright on the other. It also reminds us that there is an end to everything….and that there’s a time when everything will rise again in a most perfect manner.

Like the rainbows that we see every after torrent, life is always full of pleasant surprises for those who don’t expect it. At the same time, a rainbow reminds us that there is hope beyond the worst nightmares that we live today. Finally, a rainbow tells us that there is an end to the problems that we face, and that once we break out from the gray obstacles that hamper our well-being, we could emit a light that can give the stars a run for their money.

We see in nature that a calm blue sea can turn into a black specter that sends swaths of destruction all over the land. And that reminds us that even the best can fall; one should keep his feet on the ground always…and that people should take care of themselves…

Well, speaking of misfortunes, I’ve faced one of my unluckiest days yesterday, one after the other: I was about to have my make-or-break French midterm the following week (and I will accept what happens next); I almost killed someone three floors down when my soda bottles crashed down (The men below didn’t gave me a whack, fortunately); Beşiktaş went down by one goal (only to send Stoke City down into second place with three goals!!!)…With these, I saw that there was always a light at the end of every trouble.

That’s what made me love life. It’s like a roller coaster; spinning, rolling, twisting; only to find either a good or bad ending.

I love blue again, by the way. And I pray to God that I’ll end my ride in a smooth way.


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