Posted: March 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s been a really long time since I’ve written a blogpost. It seems that I’ve been too busy preparing for my university exams, playing DoTA and studying my Turkish lessons to be able to log on my online accounts.

It may be true, but as time goes by, all these things are happening: earthquakes everywhere, tsunamis in Japan, revolutions in the Middle East, and so on and so forth. Nevertheless, one part of our lives remain the same: our lives as international students.

I know it may sound as an exaggeration to a person’s ears, but to be sure, being an international students carries many advantages…and surprises along with it.

For instance, the only things I know were that Indonesia is our neighbor in Southeast Asia and that the Ukraine is just another former Soviet satellite country in Europe. But nowadays, I believe I know much more than what I knew before; and I can say that my perspectives have really broadened; I pretty know much more about their culture nowadays. Besides that, who would not like to have a chance to belong to a community of students from more than 30 countries, right?

The other advantage is that people know our country better (it removes their prejudices), and well, it’s also a pretty big responsibility to handle. But I’m sure people of maturity and refinement would be able to handle that task…

And there are many others…

Of course, it’s hard to live in a different country, considering that one is thousands of miles away from one’s family, culture, food (I miss the pancit canton too much), and friends; but one should believe that it’s worth the sacrifice.

Here are some of the memories (though there are much,much more):


During the party...

Lions of the Field! Rawr!

Well, that’s pretty much I could say for now. Believe me, I’ve wanted to say a lot of things, but I couldn’t express them in words…

Just one quote from Sadi Shirazi:

“If you don’t have a love, don’t look for a friend!”



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