Ha-hi-om-ha-na-ng-kafe? (Coffee, anyone?)

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yeah. Coffee.

For the average Filipino, a serving of hot pandesal (i.e. salted bread) and warm coffee would be enough for him/her to be ready for the day.

So much for coffee. Anyways, after seven to eight months of grueling classes, our Turkish Language comes to an end!

I miss the Philippines. I miss the warm weather, the cold drinks, the tropical fruits; in other words, everything that can be described as Filipino. I’m happy that I would see my motherland soon!

There’s a story I would like to relate:

One day, we’ve had our grammar class with Berna Hoca (i.e. Maam Berna), and if I’m not mistaken, it was only 10-15 minutes before the class ends.

Suddenly, she said something:

“Ha-hi-om-ha-na-ng-kafe? Doğru mu?”

None of us could understand what she was saying. We were something like, “Huh?What was that?”

Finally, she told the Turkish equivalent of the sentence: “Kahve içebilir misiniz?” (Can you drink some coffee?)*

We all finally understood what she was trying to say, and we laughed a bit; we corrected her by saying the right sentence in Filipino: “Makainom ka ba ng kafe?”

After a few tries, our beloved teacher was able to pronounce the words correctly! We were laughing, but I was very happy that at least, she tries to have a connection with our culture…

That’s how life in Turkey looks like. Though it’s filled with ups and downs like a roller coaster, we were able to make it through and thus, became (hopingly), stronger people!!!

It is not just heroics or trials that shape one’s character; it is also how we consider subtle moments like this that make a person.

So, anyone of you like some coffee?



* If anyone would point out that this sentence is completely wrong, or something is wrong with it, I would appreciate feedback very much! Thanks in advance!

**How I wish we had some pictures that show Berna Hoca together with our group!!!

  1. Coelhoxo says:

    WOW!!! 😀

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