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Yeah. Coffee.

For the average Filipino, a serving of hot pandesal (i.e. salted bread) and warm coffee would be enough for him/her to be ready for the day.

So much for coffee. Anyways, after seven to eight months of grueling classes, our Turkish Language comes to an end!

I miss the Philippines. I miss the warm weather, the cold drinks, the tropical fruits; in other words, everything that can be described as Filipino. I’m happy that I would see my motherland soon!

There’s a story I would like to relate:

One day, we’ve had our grammar class with Berna Hoca (i.e. Maam Berna), and if I’m not mistaken, it was only 10-15 minutes before the class ends.

Suddenly, she said something:

“Ha-hi-om-ha-na-ng-kafe? Doğru mu?”

None of us could understand what she was saying. We were something like, “Huh?What was that?”

Finally, she told the Turkish equivalent of the sentence: “Kahve içebilir misiniz?” (Can you drink some coffee?)*

We all finally understood what she was trying to say, and we laughed a bit; we corrected her by saying the right sentence in Filipino: “Makainom ka ba ng kafe?”

After a few tries, our beloved teacher was able to pronounce the words correctly! We were laughing, but I was very happy that at least, she tries to have a connection with our culture…

That’s how life in Turkey looks like. Though it’s filled with ups and downs like a roller coaster, we were able to make it through and thus, became (hopingly), stronger people!!!

It is not just heroics or trials that shape one’s character; it is also how we consider subtle moments like this that make a person.

So, anyone of you like some coffee?



* If anyone would point out that this sentence is completely wrong, or something is wrong with it, I would appreciate feedback very much! Thanks in advance!

**How I wish we had some pictures that show Berna Hoca together with our group!!!


A Letter Back in Time

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Dear Earl,

How’s everything? I hope that you are okay right now. I know that you are still very young to understand these things; you are just 13 years old, and thus, I won’t be at all surprised if you will not be able to fully understand anything that I’m gonna say.

 I am very well aware that what am I about to say will sound like cliches to you, but I do hope that you will lend me an ear…or at least, pretend that you are doing so.

 I know that you have been suffering at the hands of those ignorant people; just calm down and keep yourself up! They will soon realize that what they are doing is wrong; they are simply too immature to understand this fact…

I know you want to have a very good relationship with your friends, but you must also know (and make them know) that it does not come overnight. I know that you are pretty frustrated, but don’t worry. Just stay with your friends, and just be yourself.

I know that you want to be successful in life, so I have some bit of advice for you: Don’t give up, keep your sights right on your target, and aim for the stars, but don’t forget to put your toes on the ground.

I know that you would very much like to do something for your country someday. Don’t make the same mistakes that I did; You should learn sharing with others; you should learn to prefer others than yourself, and you should learn to improve yourself steadily. And as for loving others, I should say this right now: You will meet many people, and they may have dark pasts or skeletons in their closets, but I hope that you will not judge them according to that. Love them for the sake of loving, not for the sake of gaining something…

 I know that you want to have revenge on those who did harm to you, but I think you should not do that. As a scholar says: “One minute of bitter sweet revenge is equal to a thousand years of suffering in the Hereafter…”

And as for opportunities in life, they’ll just come at your path. But, you should learn to make choices, and I do simply hope that you’ll do the right choices in all of them! And to be able to do that, you should listen to the advice of your friends and elders… So much for that. Take care of yourself, and I hope you all the best in the near future!

With my deepest regards, Ilhan


You should find out about the rest of the things in your future, for unfortunately, I have forgotten most of them! Don’t worry; just take it easy!!!