I don’t know how to start this post, but as far as i know, i’ve been blogging for around six months already, though as of the moment, i’ve got only 57 comments, 37 posts, and 537 views. I do know very well that thousands of other blogs out there don’t get noticed too, so the question is:

Why do i still keep a blog?

For me, there is no quick answer to this question. As far as i know, it all began in Facebook, where i used to post lengthy articles and features in the so-called “Notes” section. After recieving a lot of positive (and honest) reviews, comments, and “likes”, one of my teachers (and i still admire her very much up to this day) suggested:

Why don’t you start a blog?

— It’s too hard to start one, Maam.

— Well, just give it a try.

— Ok then, Maam.

And after that conversation, my blogging days started. I tried first Blogspot, but it was too simple for my taste. Afterwards, i gave Tumblr a try, but it was too colorful for me. And finally, i came here to WordPress (my Turkish Language teacher suggested it to me), and since then, i’ve been blogging on this site for half a year.

Originally, i just wanted to have a personal blog (in which i could put all those kinds of stories that i want to put). But soon, i’ve realized that i wanted to explore more and interact more with the blogging world and on the other hand, that i should put a limit on what i share and write. So i started to use tags, links, and the like; at the same time, i went to several blogs that i found interesting; and at the end of the day, i liked some posts, commented on them, and well…that’s how bloggers interact, isn’t it?

In this blogging journey of mine, i’ve realized many things. You can share anything you like: whether it’s an essay, a feature, a poem, a picture, but one should realize that as far as any blog is concerned:


And to remind ourselves of another fact, here’s a quote from Heather Armstrong:

Be aware that anyone and everyone can read your words.The last person you would ever want reading your website will eventually find and read your website. Write knowing this beforehand.

Keeping these facts in mind, i hereby end this post! Happy reading everyone!!!

  1. Ilhan Özdemir says:

    Nice post! Hope for more!

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