Since i first came here in Istanbul, i have been eagerly looking forward to see two things: snow and university life.

I want to see snow for the following reasons:

Snow...Think of its magic...


1. I haven’t seen snow in the first 16 years of my life; since i’m here already, i should take the chance to do so!

2. I want to see what kind of magic does it bring…

3. I want to play snowballs, throw them at my friends, and watch them clothed in white!!!

4. I want to make a snow man (Childish, isn’t it?)

5. I want to see a white winter!

ON the other hand, i want to see university life, because:

NOTE: This is Bosphorus Univ., ok?


1. You’ll meet many friends…

2. You can choose your classes, (and if you’re lucky enough, even get exemptions for some of them!)

3. Sightseeing value: Most universities are located in “dramatic” places, especially those that look old, yet elegeant!

4. In universities, you’ve got to do the best, and be the best! Lots of opportunities for dreamers, cows (the Turkish expletive for “masipag“), and others!!!

5. And last but not the least…Of course, EDUCATION! Who doesn’t want to have a bachelor’s degree? (…from the cradle to the grave…)

Well, these are my reasons. Feel free to blast yours!


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