For those who are tired of those freaking stupid break-ups, hook-ups, and cliche-like love stories, well, here’s a story, which i hope, will give you a break from them…Enjoy reading!!!

 One day, at a college deli, two people met each other. Afterwards, they went on a relationship, and they have been just dating for five months when the girl suddenly and nonsensically got sick.

The guy brought the girl to the hospital, and at first, doctors thought it was just food poisoning. But it was much, much worse. The girl just got chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and she could barely move…

Eventually, she wasn’t able to go back to school, and years later, the guy went into graduate school in another place. The two were hoping to marry each other soon (if the girl gets well…) However, as the days flew by, the girl didn’t get any better. The boy began to be exhausted, terrified, frustrated, and sad, but he couldn’t tell that to the very person that he loves, knowing that it will just tax her health more.

Of course, the girl loved him very much, but the guy…began to think otherwise. He began to ask himself: “Am i just staying with her out of moral duty? Do i really love her?”

One day, he told the girl everything that he had in mind. However, the realtionship didn’t broke up, instead, it became stronger, and soon, the guy thought: “I thought it was possible for me to leave. BUT NOW, I DON’T WANT TO!!”

And not much later, both of them were married to each other at a hotel, during a good spell…Of course, the ending wasn’t exactly fairy tale-like, but the girl became a very successful author, and the guy went out of graduate school, becoming more successful in life…

The two of them are still married, up to this very day…


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