I’ve just recently realized that there are much better things to do than to be immersed in the “love story” trend. For instance, i know for one that i should have already a working knowledge of Turkish by the time the course ends, which means that i will be more busy studying nowadays, more than ever before. And there’s this “Doctor SAT”, whose prescriptions will be the key for my near future; i think that i should start preparing directly or indirectly so that i would be a step ahead or two when the time comes. Afterwards, i’m gonna improve my faith and my English! And i have a hundred other plans… (Of course, that’s just in line with “education from the cradle to the grave!”)

On the other hand, i hope that our residence permit problem will be solved, so that we could study together here, no matter which university we will qualify. OF course, if this problem does not get solved, then we might just as well say bye-bye to our dreams!

After all these problems, well, as they say, there’s the bright, shining sunlight. I don’t want to spend the rest of my days here over-analyzing scenarios; instead, i should do my own! As usual, i believe that i can solve these problems, though yesterday, i’ve freaked around my house. So to speak, i’ve realized that it was just a waste of time.

No one has became a magnificent eagle by sleeping. Instead, before experiencing the pleasure of breaking out into the world, they pushed and kicked and made many attempts to break out of their shell!

That also applies to me this time around. No matter how seemingly hopeless the situation is, for instance, just look at this sourced picture:

Just a sourced pic.... ^^

 Well, there’s always hope, so to speak.

Anyways, if there’s none, then i might just as well be dead right now! For hopelessness is not one of the qualities of humanity…

I’m faithfully hoping for a very good recovery. (It’s time to show that a phoenix can rise back from the burning ruins!!!)

 That’s enough for today!!! Good day, everyone!!!


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