Outside, the majestic sun is hidden in the dark clouds, and the trees are almost stripped off, save for some whose red and yellow leaves still fly off their branches.

As i look outside, i began to ask myself: Am i to bury myself in this seemingly never-ending mess? Or should i find (or make) a way out of it?

What a day. But to those who think negatively of me, here’s my answer:


More than enough for an answer... ^^


Hope this picture will explain everything. I cannot afford to give up anymore!!!

Anyways, let me get out of my dramatics first…

After two straight weeks of getting a minimum threshold score, i think i need to study more!!! And there’s more: I was able to try “Kokoreç” (practically a beef sandwich), and it was so delicious!

I don’t really know what makes my heart so uncomfortable nowadays. I don’t really know why i easily turn to dramatics whenever i’m angry, sad, or otherwise.  It seems that i’m always running out of energy, feeling hopeless, feeling like there’s no one out there…Maybe it’s just the gray autumn…


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