The examination...

So this is it...

“Taking the SAT is like going to the doctor. It scares the willies out of you, but once you get there it’s really not that bad, and in the end it’s all for the best.” – Anonymous

With only two to four months to go before my Turkish Language course ends, i really wonder about the things that i should do to win maximum points (i.e. the highest number of points that i could get, as opposed to a perfect score) from the Scholastic Aptitude Test. On the other hand, i know that i must get ready for the test; If you ask me, i believe that i only have three to four months to prepare for the harrowing examination.

In SAT I, there are four tests: Critical Reading, Writing and Math. Each composes a score of 800 points, which brings up a total of 2400 points. Forty percent of the Writing exam depends on the score of an essay, and the rest is composed of essay revisions, identifying errors, and sentence improvement portions; while the Critical Reading exam is composed of both passages and fill-in-the blanks portions. On the other hand, the Maths exam is composed of both multiple-choice and “grid the answer” portions.

When i heard about some of my Indonesian friends getting scores of up to 2000 points in the exam (for SAT 1 alone, thus qualifying for high-level engineering courses in Middle East Technical University), i began to wonder how much i need to get inside Bosphorus University’s Literature Faculty.

I found out later that admission alone to Bosphorus requires a score of 1600, which meant that i should get at least a score of 1800 to be able to get a spot in the university’s Lit. Faculty.

It seems that i have to abandon my procrastinating tendencies once and for all, if i want to be able to reach my dreams in life.

I believe that i could get a very good score and coast through this exam  to be able to study English Language and Literature in Bosphorus University.

This is my only chance. It’s now or never!!!


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