The Metrobus

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Articles, Features
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Like sleek, black workhorses, they ply Istanbul’s crowded districts every single day, bringing thousands across the city and even across two continents in less than a hour!

It is one of my most favorite modes of transportation here in the metropolis. I can walk for 15-20 minutes from my house to Bahçelievler’s station, then sit (or, stand, as what happens most of the time) for 25-40 minutes, and finally, walk for 10 minutes from Zincirlikuyu’s station to Esentepe, where my school is located.

Here are some pictures of my favorite metrobus:

The newer version of the metrobus on the run


And here’s their garage:

At the IETT's forested garage

Another picture...

However, for all the good things that this metrobus gives, there are some dark spots: Those who don’t have electronic transport cards tend to wait in long lines, and the buses are always fully packed, like cans of tuna!!! And worse, there aren’t enough stairways to let hundreds of people pass!!!

The metrobus has a straight path, unlike all the other buses, and as i looked at the autumn sky, i wonder what is in this thing that draws a lot of people.

Maybe it protects them form the weather.

Maybe it’s just something that has no traffic.

Maybe it’s just unique.

But for me, i think it’s because that it signifies that no matter how we all go astray, at the end of the day, we still go back to the straight path, consciously or unconsciously…


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