Posted: October 27, 2010 in Articles, Journal Entries
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Dostumlar ne demek?



Bu dostumlar!!!

Well, i came to Turkey on July 5, 2010… and it has been almost 3 months since i came here…Time is so fast, i believe…

Another “örnek”:




I’ll admit that i learn more when under fire than when sitting comfortable in a corner…I don’t know whether i should share this or not, but, here it goes!

In this place called Türkiye, your friends are your fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters. Of course, almost everyone here can do the same for you, but…Iba talaga kapag kalahi mo na ang pinaguusapan, ‘di ba?

I admit that wala akong sakay, na minsan, puro masama ang iniisip ko sa tao, but i try to value my friends too much…whenever i can…

We may not be the best of friends, but we make sure that nothing goes in our way…and that we stay one and the same…


I miss you all…and i love you all!!!

P.S.: I would like to share some words of a very great man (might or might not be paraphrased):

“Those who maintain a friendship with one who has fallen on hard times are true loyal friends. Those who do not support their friends during their misfortune have nothing to do with friendship.”

Tamam o zaman! Till nxt tym, pipz!!! ^_^

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    Comments will be very much appreciated…Thanks a lot!!! ^_^

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