Not So Blue

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Journal Entries

As i look out towards the morning light from my desktop, i wonder what would happen to me next…Would some of my friends stop their assumptions about me? Would they?

I don’t know. I don’t know why they’re doing this…

1. I believe that their parents taught them correct values. Correct?

2. I believe that some of them undergo madrasa education. Correct?

3. I believe that teachers in elementary, high school, and even outside the institution had taught them again…Correct?

So why are they still so prone to assumptions? I admit i used to make assumptions, but i’m slowly stopping it…knowing that it will not prove me any good.

Oddly enough, although i don’t want to struggle with them, i’m forced to struggle with these kinds of people almost every single week of my life…Even here in Türkiye…I want to have a silent life, but these people create messes that i’m forced to clean up…

One more thing is that these kinds of people tend to blow up my mistakes (while i never blow up theirs!)

And considering our age (THESE PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE MATURED), i don’t think telling it to the authorities would do me any good.

All rests with God in the end. I’ll just continue my life around, or at least, have some “peaceful co-existence” with them…

  1. the one! says:

    I m not makıng assumptıons. Its a FACT! dammıt!

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