Töbı’s Story

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Articles
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Abdulrahman Lintua Edding, Abz, Edz, Abdul, Rahman, Edding, Tobi, L(?)

Si Edz ba yan? Oleh!

Edz in Green

WHOever did not hear about him?

He was one of those who last embraced our batch. And yet, within only a year’s stay, he made himself a name in our school. He’s very proficient in Physics, and it is one of his most favorite subjects!

He’s a very prolific aniime, manga, music, and strategy game addict. As a matter of fact, his computer contains the latest of these! Not to say that he has a certain level of skill in Computer!

I believe he is a sincere friend, although he does not know what ways or words to use to convey his ideas; in fact, one of our abiler used to say:

“Edding just came in…but he is with you right now…because he is a sincere person…”

Although i don’t like his attitude sometimes (to be honest), i believe that he has more to show in the future.

Carry on! Aim high and grab your dreams!


Gusto niyang maging astronaut, physicist, pati maging arms manufacturer! SAN KA PA?

Geçmis olsun, bro! Get well soon!!!

O, d ba?

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