Amin Qadir Kastulan!!!

Ano yan? EMO??? Ganyan ba ang isang Amin Qadir Kastulan???

Emin while sitting

He is one of the most silent persons i’ve ever met in my life. Here’s his story:

He used to always play soccer, basketball, and all other kinds of sports. In fact, he misses some of his appointments because of it! But otherwise, he is a silent and a very good friend…


But later, he became a DoTA addict, and he became very silent, just sitting down the corner or playing computer games in PC and cellphone…

At the end of the day, he got the “Character Award”! I was so haapy for him back then.

Words can’t describe him. But experiences can.

That’s Amin Qadir Kastulan: A very good, steady, and loyal friend.

  1. ******** says:

    earl samboy…

  2. mak says:

    hehe!! …yebaaa!! …. earl sambuy!!
    nıce one..well saıd

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