Ahmed’s Story

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Articles
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This is one account that i would like to share with you.

Here’s the background:

Since one of our abiler (let’s call him Pandak Babat Paşa, ok?) do not usually stay in the house, Khaleel usually tick-tocks away without permission, while Ahmed usually prefers to stay in the house.


One day, Pandak Babat Paşa came to the house and asked Ahmed:

“Where is Khaleel? And you, why do you still stay here?”, in a gruffy voice.

I’ll be damned. This is one hell of an abiler.

Khaleel’s really lucky; if he stayed in our house yesterday, i’ll bet he’ll get a pretty good beating from Pandak Babat Paşa!

But of course, life is not always like that.

When i first saw Ahmed, i pictured im as silent, interested, and a DoTA addict. However, as the years pass by, i saw a large part of who he really was, and i believe he is a good person. He’s right now addicted to grapes, Bleach, and Battle Realms!

That’s all i can say. If it was too short, then maybe i can add more one day!!!

The Story of Ahmed. Bow.

  1. anathema28 says:

    hehe.. nice discrptions!! //
    darnn.. gud 4 da bot of u!!!!

    i dont like it here…!!

    grr.. tnx..!! kip up da gud work kardesim!!

  2. nıoy says:

    hahaha! ıkaw lang man naga comment! dagdagan ko nalng.. kaka awa ka nmn^^

  3. ahmad malik says:

    guzel bir hikayesi..bizde,ganito rin ang naranasan namin nung kami nasa turkey..lalo na abi ni aaron askalani,mahirap pakisamahan abi nya..laging hindi maganda pakikitungo samin..hindi rin kami welcome sa kanya..pero OK NAMAN SAMIN yun..basta kami cool lang.:)).alhamdulillah,naging malapit din sila sa amin nung sa bandang gitna ng buhay namin diyan..kasi tumingin sila sa kagandahang asal na meron tayong mga pilipino..:))sumobra ata comment ko..sorry nalang..heheh

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