Wattah Day!!!

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Journal Entries

It is one of the worst days of my life in Turkey! I never felt so disappointed at what happened today.

My homework scores were plummeting horribly, and i couldn’t help but get discouraged at the results. In fact, i’m crazily wishing that the teacher who did this will die!

I’m desperate already. I don’t know what to do. But i still hope to get away with it, despite being totally scathed already for the past three weeks.

I need help! But since no one can help me here, then the ones who could solve would be only me, i, and myself.

I just pray that i could get a fair score for this Friday’s placement exams.

  1. murat says:

    very nice! don’t worry. you can do it!

  2. wicker141 says:


  3. mak says:

    lolz …! wrong! ..
    anu byan pngssbı mu!! ..and2 kardelerın mu
    !! waber waber!!! ..

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