Dimmed Blur

Posted: July 30, 2010 in Features

The sky was gray, with light gales blowing around, and with clouds hovering, threatening to bring down a monstrous, torrential rains. As i looked at the window, my friends were downloading every single thing that they can think of, and there was a ominous silence inside my heart, despite the noise outside.

Another day has ended. And yet, i learned nothing, except another harrowing first in my life in Istanbul.

Sometimes, i really wonder what brought me here.

WHAT REALLY brought me here?

Did opportunity lured me here?

Did the perks led me here?

Or was it for different reasons altogether?

I believe that i came here to learn something.

What was it? I don’t know either. But i believe in my heart that one day, although it may be painful, i would be able to change my perspectives in life, to broaden them, to widen them, to straighten them, to crystallize them…

In the meanwhile, i will try and try and try to pass blogs and articles!!!



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