It was a gray and cloudy morning. I was so tired that all I wanted to do when I came to the quarters was to sleep. But then…

It’s D minus 1 for the International Language and Culture Festival (Turkish: Uluslararası Dil ve Kültür Festivalı) which is sponsored by the International Turkish Association/ITA (Turkish: Uluslararası Türkçe Derneği/TÜRKÇEDER), and I’ve got to go with my friends; and there are so many of them!

(I’m not gonna go with the official line which says 140 countries and 1500+ students, but there are 5?7? countries with some 20+ students and teachers who stayed with us!)

We’ve had our 5-star (well, almost 5-star, maybe a 4.25) breakfast, and then we went to the International Izmir Fair Center on a minibus or something, courtesy of the millionaire organizers of the Festival (Find a poster on the Internet, and Google the names that appear on it. You’ll get a bloody idea.)

There was this strange atmosphere that hovered over me; after all, despite watching the Turkish Festivals from a distance since time immemorial, I am no fan of it. But then, as the following days will show, my views…Here are some snapshots that will put out my point well (Pictures are courtesy of

So empty. Trololol.

So empty. Trololol.

The South Koreans: Don't talk about politics!!!

Hallyu, anyone?!

Philippine stand...

Oh, there’s me, in blue, at the left…yippee!

Then of course, we’ve started to set up the booth, which was found inside Hall 3 of the fair center; along with a lot of other countries…Well, the booth was something like 15-20 square meters large, but it didn’t matter: It was more than enough for our needs.

My job was to bring stuff that can’t be found near the stand, and that meant anything from water to those large and dumb dummies to our stand (Yeah, they couldn’t speak, right?) and it made my clothes real dirty: From blue to brown. Yeah.

Then of course comes the early gift-hackers: There was this girl named Sopo from Georgia (I’m 95% sure it’s just a nick or shortcut, since they tend to have those …………… long and extremely messy names) who asked for a memento or something. After 10,000 seconds of bargaining, we’ve came to the agreement that one of us will deliver the “gift” to their stand, which was outside the hall, on the third day of the festival.

And then the “ninja visits”…I love those first-day visits, looking up for potential places to “attack”, and on this day, I’ve got a sling bag from the organizers themselves. Just nice and slow…I know that I’ll complete my “secret compendium” at the end of the Festival…

Of course, this Festival is not complete without the corporate lacquer and the sponsor advertisements (not to mention their own booths!): The Philippine stand is sponsored by “Mavi Produksyon“! I couldn’t help but laugh at that one.

And oh sh*t, Anelka’s number one enemy: The media. Now I understand why the guys with the camera are somewhat hated by a large portion of society: X, Y, and Z. But then, I have to deal with that (production value) thing, as well as the rest of the 1000+ students who are at the festival. I just hope that me and the media (who are my natural colleagues, by the way) will have a decent time together.

And then of course, after a very, very long and crappy and turbulent day; we (the team) have got our booth up and going. Kudos to us for that! Yeah buddy…yeah.

It’s 21:30, and I’m back at the dormitory with my friends. Had a great time back there, though I must admit that I’m really, really, really tired from having to work for 12 hours (and the fact that I’ve just arrived 3 hours before D-1). I guess the unlimited snacks and drink should make up for that!

Then comes the dark, windy, and cold night…Sleep is slowly embracing me…


PS: Is it the festival? Or is it The Festival? It doesn’t matter.



Yeah, I’m just a noob blogger. That’s all.

But is there even such a word as a “noob blogger?”

Newbie, maybe.


And oh, school remains the same. Almost nothing has changed, except that I’ve known more people and learnt more about myself.

University seems to be a crazily created routine, and that’s why I’m not a big fan of it. Besides, I’m good as sick…

So as for my sickness, I’ve found out that I was sick with tuberculosis, and that it was not a cause for concern; after all, the sickness was treatable with medicine. However, I spent three weeks at the hospital, and I went through a lot of tests everyday, including a bronchoscopy test designed to get microbiological cultures (and believe me, it was a very crazy experience).

It’s been a very long time since I’ve last written a blog. I think I should start coming back. I know I’ve written poems, short stories, essays, and even articles; yet I’m still to write a novel (or a novelette, or at least an anthology for that matter).

I’m trying to get my rhythm back. This is all I want.

Other than that, I just want a 3 or 3.2 GPA at school, and I guess I’ll be happy with that.

The weather’s cold, even in May, so…good night…and have a good time!

Weather Weather Lang!

Posted: February 24, 2013 in Journal Entries

So after all those appoinments until last Friday, you may think that I’ve gotten 100% of my energy back.

Not yet.

In fact, I’m having quite a weird time in the evenings: It’s not uncommon for me to have a bit of pain in the chest, especially in the left side where I have my “infiltrative material”. It’s mainly because of the cold winds that hit the chest from the outside, and my doctors and friends advised me not to expose it to the air, otherwise, it would happen. To tell the truth, that’s causing me a bit of trouble, and there’s this one time when I was exposed to the cold weather for a very long period of time (I was hanging out with my friends), and it was just awful: I couldn’t sleep properly thanks to the intermittent pains that continued until the wee hours of the morning.

In addition, one of the post-hospital problems that I’m having is the presence of abdominal gas. It comes normally from food, and for a normal person, it’s no reason for trouble. But for people like me who drink up to 6 types of medicine and more than 4000 mg per day, then it’s a headache especially in the evenings when it rises up to the throat. And when it does, it’s just crazy.

Anyways, I’m not here to endlessly relate about the bad things in life, for I’m here to try to enjoy it and utilize it to the maximum extent possible.In fact, the weather’s great this week, and I’m planning to have a walk or two…

It’s time for me to go. It’s 2:30 PM here, and I want to enjoy the daylight even for a tiny bit…after all, I’ve been at home resting all day long!

The sky is shining today, and a few leaves are starting to grow again. Spring is about to come, and I’m thankful that I have another carte blanche again!


A Lot Of Appointments

Posted: February 22, 2013 in Journal Entries

In the past few days since I’ve been discharged from the hospital, I’ve gone through a lot of things. I always go to three places: the dispensary, the family doctor, and the dentist. I go to the first place to give the results of whatever tests I might have undergone in regards to my ongoing tuberculosis treatment; I go to the second area to get my medicine and to be checked whether I take them at the right moment, and I go to the third location to solve my teeth problems, for it seems that I don’t have just one broken tooth, but three broken ones. In fact, the first one has just been extracted today, and I’ll go back next week to the hospital to resolve the rest of the dental equation. Furthermore, I’ll go back to the dispensary to have my CT scan, and I’m praying that I’ll have some positive results, if not for the best. Then of course, I’m taking lots and lots of medicine right now, and it just seems really crazy…just way too crazy for people like me to comprehend.

I guess I’ll just rest and take it easy for the next 12-24 hours, and at the same time, I’m aware that I’m not allowed to have hot foods and drinks, carbonated drinks, and absolutely anything that will activate Mr. Tooth Clot…and I’m aware that there’s gonna be bleeding, swelling, pain, and some other weird things that will happen. For now, I’ll eat mashed potatoes, milkshake, and the like…anything that does not require chewing is fine by me.

I guess I’ll have to do a bit of shopping today. And of course, not to forget to drink lots of water and fruit juice…

PS: I’ve finally finished the initial pressure stage. Now it’s time to concentrate on Post-Op .

Here are the things that I need to do:

Post-Op 1: No food until 2 PM. In addition, no rinsing until 12 hours after th operation (TRANSLATION: I’ll only use warm water+salt/prescribed wash after 10:30 PM today)

Post-Op 2: No hot and hard foods for the next 48 hours. Which means lots of softened cereals, mashed potatoes, and milkshakes…in adfdition to yogurt, water, and fruit juices!

Post-Op 3: Back to non-strenuous activities…no heavy lifting!

And some reminders include:

A. No spitting.

B. No drinking from straws.

Yeah, I guess that’s about it.

Have a nice day!

I Guess…

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Journal Entries

It’s time for a new life.


Time for a Holiday! (Part 1)

Posted: January 18, 2013 in Journal Entries

Enough of trying to be “Dr. Writer” for now. It’s because I’m travelling a bit!

Wikiattack mode!

Izmir (Turkish: İzmir; Greek: Σμύρνη Smyrni; Latin: Smyrna) is a large metropolis in the western extremity of Anatolia and the third most populous city in Turkey. Izmir metropolitan area extends along the outlying waters of the Gulf of İzmir and inland to the north across Gediz River’s delta, to the east along an alluvial plain created by several small streams and to a slightly more rugged terrain in the south. The ancient city was known as Smyrna, and the city was generally referred to as Smyrna in English, until the Turkish Postal Services Law of 1930 made “Izmir” the internationally recognized name.

The city of Izmir is composed of several metropolitan districts. Of these, Konak district corresponds to historical Izmir, this district’s area having constituted the “Izmir Municipality” (Turkish: İzmir Belediyesi) area until 1984, Konak until then having been a name for a central neighborhood around Konak Square, still the core of the city. With the constitution of the “Greater Izmir Metropolitan Municipality” (Turkish: İzmir Büyükşehir Belediyesi), the city of Izmir became a compound bringing together initially nine, and since recently eleven metropolitan districts, namely Balçova, Bayraklı, Bornova, Buca, Çiğli, Gaziemir, Güzelbahçe, Karabağlar, Karşıyaka, Konak and Narlıdere. Almost each of these settlements are former district centers or neighborhoods which stood on their own and with their own distinct features and temperament. In an ongoing processus, the Mayor of Izmir was also vested with authority over the areas of additional districts reaching from Aliağa in the north to Selçuk in the south, bringing the number of districts to be considered as being part of Izmir to twenty-one under the new arrangements, two of these having been administratively included in Izmir only partially.

And yeah, I’m going to freaking Smyrna for the first part of my holiday. I believe that it would be lots and lots of fun over there!

I’m really curious as to how Izmir looks like. After all, I’ve lived in Turkey’s biggest two cities (Ankara and Istanbul), and since this city is the third largest, I want to learn the answer to this question:

Is it a metropolitan city? Or is it just an urbanized village?

Whatever the answer is, I’ll start to find out a few hours from now!

So long people. Thanks for reading!

Last time, I said some things about writing and stuff.

Now for some real advice:

1. Read the “Elements of Style” by William Strunk. Yeah, it’s a classic, I know; but it will help you improve your grammar and whatnot!

2. Read a lot of books…read, read, read.

3. Write a lot too! No one has become a good writer without spending a lot of time writing. In fact, it seems that some of them have spent at least 10,000 hours of their lives before becoming a good writer…

I guess that’s all for today. Hope it helps!

PS: I’m not really a very good writer, but I’m willing to share whatever little knowledge I have.

Have a good day ahead!